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Restore, Protect and Keep Metal Looking Its Best
M-F 8-5 Pacific Time
Has your Garage Door Lost Its Luster?
Don't Paint - Restore It.

A chalky, faded garage door can ruin the look of your entire home.
ReNew color and luster with Everbrite Protective Coating in just a few hours.

Chalky and Faded Garage Door

Chalky, faded garage door above was restored to look new again.
Actual pictures sent by customer - Just cropped - pictures NOT edited.

Garage Door restored with Everbrite

Your garage door is a HUGE part of the overall appearance of your home.
Don't paint Your Metal Garage Door.
It can actually ruin the original baked-on finish.


Originally, the paint on your garage door was baked on. Don’t paint your garage door and lose the original finish. Many of the additives that used to make paint last a long time have been taken out of paint due to health and environmental concerns. (Like lead) Paint that is not baked on tends to fade faster and may even peel or bubble. You can easily repair the finish of your garage door by restoring it with Everbrite.

Everbrite is a tough, durable Clear Protective Coating that restores the color and luster on faded garage doors and will protect the paint from fading, corrosion, oxidation, acid rain, rust and more.

  • Restore the Original Color and Luster of Your Garage Door
  • Less Mess than painting
  • Much Easier than painting.
  • Less Expensive than painting.
  • No masking or taping necessary.
  • Protect the door hardware at the same time.
  • Everbrite lasts much longer than repainting.
  • Coated surface is much easier to keep clean. Repels dirt.

EVERBRITE is easy to apply. First, clean the garage door. Then, apply the clear, durable coating. NO buffing. NO rubbing. Just apply, let dry and ENJOY.

Download complete instructions

For lasting results, please apply the recommended 2 coats of Everbrite.

Garage Door BeforeGarage Door after Everbrite

"I can't believe the results. My wife and I moved into our new house in March 2008. We have many expenses and I did not want to change the garage doors and the front entrance right away. The hardware is in great shape but the color has faded.

I tried to clean it off but that did not work. I was going to paint them until I saw your web site. My wife said that it would never work, but I figured for a few bucks I would take a chance.

Check out the PICs. It looks great. I took the before PICs at 7 AM. I took the after PICs the following day also at 7 AM. I need to do a few touch ups but it still looks great and it was super easy to apply. best regards,"
-Robert Nuez

Garage door before Garage Door After Everbrite

I just finished my doors and I'm so happy with the end results ! It took me about 2 hrs, between cleaning, then wiping the chalk off, then finishing, but meanwhile, I had other tasks inside to do! I love the Everbrite system, so easy a nearly 62 yr old grandmother (me) can do it with little physical effort! Directions were clear and easy to follow...what a great product!
-Mary Croson


What Do I need to clean and restore my Garage Doors?

Everbrite 2 Car Garage Door Kit -

Everbrite Garage Door Kit This Everbrite 2 Car Garage Door Kit is a great way to restore a double car door or 2 single doors.

Everbrite 1 Car Garage Door

Everbrite Starter Kit 16 oz This Everbrite One Car Garage Door Kit will restore the color and luster a single garage door.

Just need the Coating?

More options You can use your own materials to completely clean your garage door, then apply 2 coats of Everbrite to restore the color and luster.

Refinishing your Garage Door is a simple two step process.

Click here for downloadable instructions 

Step 1. Clean the Garage Door with EZ-Prep Cleaner and Water. Rinse well and let dry. Remove all chalk and oxidation, wiping with a rag if necessary. Rinse until water sheets off of the door and no bubbles remain. How the door looks clean and wet is how the door will look coated. Remember to clean in a uniform manner (no swirls, diagonal lines, etc.).

Step 2 – Apply Everbrite to renew the finish. If you have rubber weather stripping, tape it off on both sides to protect the rubber from the solvent in the Everbrite. The solvent can make the rubber sticky. Pour the coating into a metal or glass container. Dip your applicator commpletely and squeeze out just the excess to prevent dripping. Simply glide on the Everbrite Clear Coating with an applicator pad (included), or a natural bristle paintbrush. Everbrite can also be sprayed on with a paint sprayer. Do not buff the surface. The color and surface will be instantly renewed and will dry to the touch in about 15 minutes depending on the temperature. Apply the 2nd coat after an hour when the Everbrite is completely dry. For lasting results, apply the recommended 2 coats.

Everbrite is a very forgiving product so even if you make a mistake it is easy to fix. Everbrite will blend to itself. If you miss an area, let it dry, then simply touch it up and you won't be able to tell where it was.

What Do I need to Restore My Garage Door?

Garage Door Kit. Refinish a standard 2-car garage door.
Click here to get your kit.

Need a smaller kit? a starter kit will restore a single 1-car garage door. Click here for the 1-car door kit.

Need a smaller kit? a starter kit will restore a single 1-car garage door. Click here for the 1-car door kit.

What Everbrite Customers Say:色网址色网址,大家操大家操,日视频日视频

Everbrite worked fantastic. I thought I had only one option, to paint my garage doors at a cost of about $700.00. Then I heard about Everbrite. The whole process was easy and took very little time and my garage doors look new. Thanks
-Todd Cameron

Hi, I just wanted to let you know, how happy I am with the results I got from your product. I ordered the starter kit to try on my faded, moss green Steel garage doors. In less than 2 hours I cleaned and coated 4, 8x8 single doors and had half a can of Everbrite left over. I think I’m going to use the rest on my faded fiberglass boat!
-Scott Milligan

Hello. Thanks for your follow-up. I received the product and my garage door looks great! Thanks!! It’s been a pleasure doing business with your company.
My neighbor across the street asked me what I did to my door. I gave him your website and he’s going to buy some also for his door!!
Regards, Jerry

"I love Everbrite. My brown faded garage doors now shine like they are better than brand new...GREAT Product." Kathleen K. Morris, IL

Yes, I have received and applied Everbrite to my garage door. I'm totally satisfied and will be purchasing more. Thank you again for a great product. D. Cummings

"I did receive the product ordered very fast! My project took about 3 hours from start to finish and I am overjoyed at the results! My garage doors had become oxidized and chalky from their south-facing exposure. We just bought the house and wanted to make the doors look nicer. Once I started applying Everbrite to the surface I noticed that there was a really nice wood-grain type painted finish on the doors. Who knew they were so beautiful?! I was able to bring that finish back exactly as I had hoped with your product. I need to send before and after pictures because it isreally amazing!Thanks again! " Lynsey S.Salt Lake City, UT

Questions? We are happy to help.